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Just a quick question...do you know what a time signature is? Ok, so are you aware that Für Elise is written with three beats per measure? And your drums are going four beats per measure? You mutilated the entire feel of the song. Not to mention that this causes the instruments to desync themselves and then come back into sync briefly every 12 measures.

Please, stay away from classics unless you're really THAT good. It's a common mistake that people make. Why mess with perfection?

Other than that, I suppose it's a novel idea, which warrants a 1. So keep practicing.

ganon95 responds:

i have no idea what a time signature is

Getting Better

As you probably know, I'm in the habit of giving honest reviews, so here you go. Well I'll start by saying that this is a great improvement from Madness 4, no doubt.

The Good: Good sound, good use of suspense & builds to make it interesting. As always, you have a knack for getting that adrenaline going. You're improving in my opinion.

The Bad: A few things still buggin me. First, the intro pad seems just a little to cheesy/phat. Maybe mellow it down a little. Second, a good rule of thumb is to refrain from using default drumloops unless you distort them/make them more interesting. I can tell that you used DL_DrillNB without any modification, which makes it kind of boring for those who know the ins and outs of FL Studio. Also, this was rendered at a really low quality...why?

The Ugly: Look, if you're going to rate this review useless, that's fine, I don't mind. But seriously, who the hell are you kidding? Artists need feedback. And yes, I have seen the flashes and yes, they are cool but that doesn't automatically make the music amazing. Ignorance is bliss, so call me "idot" and such all you want.


Finally, someone with some actual skill. It's so refreshing to hear. Keep it coming.

Enjoy #1 for a while :)


The arp at the beginning is, in my opinion, what gets a lot of people psyched. Sure, it's a great sound, but the rest is pretty mediocre. Crap hihat sound, poorly mastered (ever heard of a compressor?). The middle is very repetitive.

Understand that the reason I'm being harsh on you is because you've received so much praise, and you have potential (unlike most of the chart-toppers on NG). Keep working to get better, but never just fall back on your praise.

More practice please...

Reasons why:
1) Default kick & clap. Woohoo.
2) Total of ONE non-percussive voice. And it just so happens to be the standard cheesy "phat" synth.

TDpro responds:

Yea offcourse i need more practice this is my second song i putted on newgrounds!


Dissonance is good for jazz, not techno. And until you get *that* good, just don't mess with the FL default songs. They're much too good for most people to touch.


I sure don't envy the kind of love you feel if that's what it sounds like. Sorry, but I think you should have put a little (or a lot) more effort into this song.

Adamaja456 responds:

this was like the 2nd song i ever made. And i had no idea what i was doing. Thats why there are only 3 different sounds haha


Excellent. Was this recorded or did you use a program? I want to know how you did it :)

Good start!

You're definately good with glitching, so you've accomplished what you set out for. The actual melody of the piano is pretty bad, but I understand that it's not the focus of the song. So once you put that beat with a crunchy bass or some synths you'll have yourself a real nice glitch piece.

I'd like to see this again but with focus on the other elements since you've got the percussion down. Good luck!

Lapse responds:

Thank you. I'm glad you think so. Yeah, the melody isnt so great, haha. Thats alright, i was just really starting to figure out glitching things up with this song. This was one of my first big attempts at making something wild like this. As i said in the comments, this is an older song, so please check out some of my other stuff! I recommend "Moonlight Walking Through Misty Air" !

Thank you for your review, its muchly appreciated.


Good stuff, keep it coming.

To the guy before me: real DnB IS repetitive. You're lucky if there are more than two beats in a song. Listen to the pros and you'll know what I'm talking about. Part of the greatness of the DnB genre is trying to make it sound good with such little room to work (because it is a relatively confined genre).

I think you've done an excellent job with it. It beats some of the pro songs I listen to, which is saying something. Not long enough, though.

DomesticTerrorist responds:

Awesome, thanks! Yeah pro dnb is pretty repetitive, but it's driving and hard n shit... like Pendulum :D

Thanks for the compliment and review, I'll be finishing this one up this week!


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